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tv   [untitled]    March 14, 2011 9:30pm-10:00pm EDT

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uncover the truth of n.p.r. i don't know how new republican legislation could make the same form of uncovering the truth kill legal but only if it's used against major agricultural workers. for flimsy low and he has told rachel matthews and women that nothing people are suggesting she's hot poker no she says she's a star. feel old.
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welcome back to the big picture i'm tom hartman coming up in this half hour a phony a video posted on line by right wing hack james o'keefe led to the resignations of two n.p.r. executives last week o'keefe o'keefe did was not illegal but if someone from peta were to do the same thing in say a farm or a slaughterhouse they could be thrown in jail for ten years will explore this double standard plus what this chamber president tom donohue you know the you don't
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i'll explain and i still take but first a pharmaceutical drug once priced at ten dollars is now fifteen hundred dollars. and how it how and i'll explain to you how this thing is screwing expectant moms. you know how pharmaceuticals are putting profits ahead of human lives. kavi pharmaceuticals has just raised the price of their drug maneka. and i'm a keen i think it is which is used in high risk pregnancies to prevent premature births a kidney used to go for ten dollars a dose but now it's going to retail at one thousand five hundred dollars a dose why because the f.d.a. gave kavi pharmaceuticals
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a license to be the only manufacturer of the drug basically giving them a monopoly over treatments for at risk pregnant women and with that monopoly kavi can charge whatever the heck they want and that's just what they intend to do it companies also making sure that no other competitors jump into the market to sell that he met a more reasonable price they sent out a slew of cease and desist letters to other companies thinking about producing similar drugs so how does legal or at least even justifiable here offer is takers jamie weinstein deputy editor of the daily caller jane it's all about i do you want to limit innovation in america that's my question when they when they told me about this i was a shock i don't know what the specific instance that you brought up but i haven't heard of this drug and i haven't heard of a specific example but but as you know as you know as i was like and i was guys as you know tom the way drugs are manufactured with america is the leading manufacturer of innovative drugs in and discovery of innovative drugs in the world pharmaceutical companies take risks and these risks are very costly often most
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often they come up away with nothing they lose a lot of money jamie once you get one of the ones that you don't already have the research and the new drugs and it's done with but it's funded by the national institute of health and those lights were all of the companies. r r r r the primary source i'm telling you look at i did right here this is this what we have here is a drug that was on the market it was being sold for ten bucks company pharmacies were only pharmacies are like you know they literally can't make up the stuff on and they send out all a letter to them saying you can't do the same or because we've got the exclusive rights to it this is because they're breaking patents this is this is this well actually it's orphan drug status but it's close to patents that this in my opinion is big government on steroids but if you if you live only if you let me patent you know you were opposed to big government ok i am opposed to big government if you live in a patents and limit the ability for companies to recoup the cost for research and development not only for that drug for every drug that failed on the way to market
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they're not going to be there is not a good investor is there to invest in these companies to create innovative drugs the end result is that we're worse off because we don't have these innovative drugs out there making us live longer i'm you know i'm not to tell you about is the patents all the thomas jefferson was as you probably know he argued very very strongly in fact i was over ginia out of the constitutional convention over his fight that he thought that there should never be any that was he wanted to be one of the one of the amendments the constitution a ban on that and so he was wrong. well he later in as president suggested that it be limited to three years he felt that three years is enough time for somebody to recoup their investments he also didn't live in the age of pharmaceutical companies which is a very different different deal well you know i would suggest that if it weren't for patent laws copyright was bill gates would be worth a billion or two we wouldn't be worth forty or fifty that he's a he's a welfare queen. you know these laws keep getting gamed you know disney has been gaming this thing you know the mouse is copyright about to be well let's just roll
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it over let's just roll with it i would say without ok guys are all for it but i would i would say that harry had morris as i was he would have had laws we probably wouldn't have for instance the united states if we do better. the rates for cancer then put into the country overall those numbers are really really very arguable and secondly it's not a very bad well then i suggest you google it secondly shouldn't drugs should pharmaceuticals instead of pharmaceutical companies making because of dollars in the case in the case of this particular drug me thirty thousand dollars for pregnancy which a poor woman or uninsured woman cannot afford which means that she's going to die or a child is going to die or are going to have problems with this kid and this as i said this product was on the market for ten dollars they could make it for ten bucks now all of a sudden you know they're making to make most it's not like they invented this thing last week i don't know again the specific example but as you know most drugs that are better charged
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a lot of money for can be made manufactured the technical manufacturing aspect of it is very cheap what is costly is the research and development not only for that drug but for every drug that failed well which is often a billion dollars to make it to market which is a lot of money shouldn't this be part of the commons shouldn't pharmaceuticals shouldn't there be you know like like banking and i'm trying to be something that has enough regulation that there that we don't have drugs orphan drugs that that nobody produces because they're not profitable on the one hand and on the other hand we don't have drug companies that are making obscene profits in first i don't know if they're obscene they're like profits like most other companies but in in the world in the world of reality yes and ideally we would wish that drugs get to everyone for very cheap or not but the way of getting people everybody in the way of the development to the way fraction yes because we because there's the kind of riffing off price because the girls are actually not we don't manufacture most are we. actually most and most
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a lot of the drug companies put their try to apply for approval here first because they have the most incentive to roche is this was company by hairs and sure i'm often and often they put their patents here to try to be able to get out of here because this. where they'll make because because they can get a lease that's a lot of it is there by notation is it would extend this to in his case or you're going to is making my point they may do it because their incentive here i point to make money and if you don't have it as you know there's a lot of money because they're gaming government i do not give money and i don't count the ira were it's not even a big i'm not good friend of big government you're saying that doesn't mean appealing i don't want a single point on if you're going to give them a monopoly or what have you had drugs have it wouldn't be that drug was already where you live even to be in a free market you're using the example that you know you have heard anywhere i came here with generally drugs that are innovative if you don't have patents they don't exist and mean you guy earlier pain longer so i'm for i'm for expanding our lifespans and making us happier and healthier and that's what you need for it
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sounds well again as i said i'm not opposed to patents chains all the people i talk dropping by to talk. this is the result of government being manipulated to grant monopolies the phrase that jefferson used big corporations boost their profits and the rest of us get screwed. last week to n.p.r. executives including the chief event p.r. vivian schiller resigned over a video showing a an n.p.r. fundraiser making racist remarks about the tea party take a look. yes. since excuse to take the time. we see
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you are a car. guy you think america. it's scary you're serious. that was the work of gotcha journalist james o'keefe the same go dressed up like the world's most ridiculous pimp to bust acorn was caught trying to seduce a c.n.n. anchor it was arrested for trying to tap senator mary landrieu his phone lines are real class act guy here's how he described himself and his form of journalism in the n.p.r. video. tape is very powerful he was very honest the tape cuts to the core of who these people are so shows their hearts and minds and it's had such an effect of course it was right everything is honest and true except for one thing the video was taken completely out of context the full version was posted online over the weekend what it reveals is the n.p.r. fundraiser wasn't expressing his opinion of the tea party he was actually relaying
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a message there were republicans had told him take a look i will work for that stuff a person who was. so very highly placed was another course that was one of. the top priority people told me they voted for across which they never believed. that they could ever be perfect. and take your. belief. that. it's. striking to keep right on. the fact that so he had it all the first part of that and just put the tea parties hijacked the republic it's amazing what happens when the whole. this revealed this is the shirley sherrod incident all over again creating creatively editing a video to make someone look like a racist but here's the thing what o'keefe did is not illegal however if
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republicans get their way in several states across the country it will be illegal if o'keefe to do the exact same thing on a farm why because in an effort to protect big agribusiness from organizations like peta sending investigative journalists to uncover mistreatment and unsanitary conditions within farms republicans in iowa have proposed legislation to make photographing or videotaping farm animals illegal and people could face ten years in prison if found guilty is not double standard here but he said this about investigative journalism. reporters do a lot of sanaa graffiti in this country they do a lot of damage control they do a lot of punditry but real investigative reporting you show up on things but they are are and so here are some networks have done this there's less of it these days where you're saying the means justify the ends you're willing to use deceptive tactics to get to the truth that's your justification you know that's that's not what i said i said in investigative reporting so sometimes justified to go
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undercover in order to get to the truth or not it's a form of guerrilla theater you're here so why is it illegal for peta to uncover the truth at a farm without creative editing i might add but not illegal for james o'keefe with the help of law to uncover the truth at n.p.r. this make any sense to you here with me on the issues see tamale president less government or seek and welcome back reads. this was first of all james o'keefe says the serial why it was was a large was knew how to use like that we had it is why i used to listen to is that i was uncovered well yes selectively edited better finish the sentence please you're going to you're always annoyed because you had it was uncovered by the blaze which is which is glenn beck's web site better scott baker said and this is a. and it's not out of context he said if you look at to at the two hours in total you largely get a impression that these are pretty they seem to be fairly balanced people trying to do a fairly good job instead of jailing people photographing how as if we're going to
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jail somebody shouldn't we be jailing somebody trying to destroy other people's lives the dream of james o'keefe is doing with the media every day to sarah palin or michele bachmann or any of those being or whatever i mean wasn't i don't think frankly that there should be any of these laws and i already know i did it oh i agree so the social moderates that we know about this was florida and illinois and iowa are sort of some of the midwest i think either redundant or ridiculous you shouldn't break it down or shouldn't trust pass but i think it very right now they're going to make it illegal so that lloyd's riding by on the road you take a picture of a car to pass through where you want thousand or ten years you got one guy put in the law into florida and one guy pitching the law in the midwest it goes all you know much more anywhere you know how much money oprah winfrey spent defending herself against these veggie libel laws who want more should stay out of the beef industry she said i'm not going to eat another hamburger and they sued or she said he said at the mass she spent over a million dollars in legal fees because she had slandered who. she was going to use
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for it she's senate and history ok so if i say something bad about the pharmaceutical industry i should have to spend a million dollars to protect those out of the crowd whatever forty three of speech or what happened if that is a form of government that's from the government it's not from individuals slander libel laws have always existed because it's from person to person what you don't like here is like you a new guy john and so you're saying they should apply to that which if you're sort of movie with that you're saying that the if you or i were to on t.v. if i were to say seaton i think you know you're here what's funnier so we could talk i said was i mean really we're both really figures ok so we can we can slap each other around verbal go along and even do it off stage you are going to i think . if you there. one of us said something about you know frank the floor director is not a public figure for me i do and frank. frank could sue us because he's a private so you're suggesting i don't like you know who that is
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a i don't like your corporation that an industry that the media industry should have the same protection of frank does. not a public figure and you can't slow to minute the media industry is not a public figure they're out there in public they're making millions of dollars are spending hunt they're spending millions of dollars on advertising they got they got a lobbyist here and that already there's a for everyone sees me like i want more of a public figure than you or me i would know the you've got like you have frank produce but then you've got nine million people right there is dead what i'm saying that's something that everybody knows he's the face of the of the meat industry the poultry industry but there's no reason why and why not but he's also he was a person in those programs provide both programs out in texas who dress up in a programs outfit and it's interesting but no i'm saying is for every one of them there's no i mean people who work behind him that are public figures they get hurt when something like this honest so those people were not the ones that oprah winfrey pushed slander and she ultimately won what you weren't sure what i'm saying
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is those are the people to get hurt not for profit we've got coined the people who are all the chicken pluckers in the in the meat producers the meat processors they don't make a lot of money and if their business goes down they get fired so if we try to tell the truth if we tell the truth about who we should go to jail there is no truth about there is no there's no matter if somebody takes a picture or you know how do you know because there never has been you didn't know that it's illegal to test for my county and since. there is no mad cow the united states would mope winfrey said what she said on t.v. well what she was talking about medicare and but even right now you're saying there's no maggie you know i don't know that nobody knows i mean i've gone mad yeah how do you know. only when i come here ok i think it's selective medco you know that you have it it may well be. i'm just you know i don't get this whole this whole concept that the republicans are promoting on behalf of these corporations saying that if if you or i say something nasty about one of these corporation no i
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don't like the legislation ignored you know it pays ten years or more the legislation was it is either done there are ridiculous things that you can't break and enter into somebodies poultry farm and start filming i'm not in time of breaking the from the road it's absurd you know but no what i'm saying is. the people you've allegedly want to help which is the working class people i want to just tell the truth yes about what's going on but if you're not telling the truth like for example what happened with food lion i think was a.b.c. did a bit of staying on food line and a fraudulent lead create i know nothing about this is about eight or nine years ago maybe longer they were in a food line and they didn't find the evidence you're looking for because food lines a nonunion grocery store they went in there fabricated a whole bunch of guys and they got nailed oh hold it was if you could verify if you want to so that i mean that's how it should work but in any case i think we've we've we've covered the topic sitting beside me i thank you very much thanks for showing up hopefully one of these days telling the truth whether it's video on fox
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so-called news or photos out of a slaughterhouse would be celebrated right now truth is occasional but distortions selective editing and outright lies are celebrated in some right wing media and the truth of slaughterhouses may soon become illegal for them to george orwell's. after the break tonight's daily take on the most influential men in washington thinks your not worth listening to find out why. actress lindsay low and even with the preacher that these women are nothing people are saying she speaks she's a mother you know she says she's a. alan
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. it's the good the bad of the very very extremely ugly first the good congressman adam smith of washington state and more than two months since the tucson tragedy when congresswoman gabby giffords was shot in the head and while she's been recovering other lawmakers have stepped up to ensure her constituents voices are
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still being heard one of those lawmakers congressman adam smith who serves on the same armed services committee giffords routinely asks questions on her behalf during committee hearings and other lawmakers are joining smith tomorrow night to host a fundraiser for giffords reelection campaign in two thousand and twelve good friends good work the bad. news host chris wallace wallace through a portion of his sunday program to right wing hack games of. whether you would fire or it can damage tactics there's no debating that undercover activist james o'keefe has taken on some big targets and come up with some stunning results once again is our power player of the. right i suppose you become wallace's power player by committing felonies mining history in people's lives if that's the criteria ok he fits right in and the very very ugly dana perino the former bush press secretary turned fox so-called news talking bad went after president obama and the white
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house for making too many john boehner and ships take away. the one thing that's interesting to me with all the speechwriters that they have they can't come up with any new material they keep going back to the same while i'm making fun of john boehner skin color which really was white house of all white house all right good thing but i guess perino thinks the. jokes about skin color off the table for this right because you know it's a white house with the black guy living in a more racism in news and that's very early. on friday the president of the u.s. chamber of commerce tom donahue gave a speech in st louis where he championed the need for more regulation of our economy as though thirty years of reaganomics constant deregulation isn't enough
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and also in that speech were a few dozen protesters who are keenly aware of the effects of deregulation one effect being the financial meltdown of two thousand and eight and they were calling for more governmental oversight on wall street when asked about these protests by a reporter covering the speech dyke you made this flippant and dismissive remark. do you think they even know what a derivative it was as though people who don't understand complex financial instruments like derivatives shouldn't be taken seriously doubt he will also went on to share his opinion that public workers like teachers in wisconsin who make fifty thousand a year a year plus benefits earn salaries that are out of control and are loaded this coming from a guy who made three point seven million a year and is one of the highest paid lobbyist in washington d.c. i wonder what the person this guy views the world through is smeared with but the truth is donahue in a way is right. most of us don't know what derivatives are or what credit default
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swaps are or what toxic securities are or any of the other wildly complicated financial thingamabobs that bankers banks on wall street used to make billions of dollars and then bring our nation to the brink of collapse as they did a few years ago as they continue to do to this day edginess all closer and closer to financial ruin again and considering that our economy right now is more dependent upon these byzantine mind bogglingly complex complicated financial things then it is actually on manufacturing things somehow something that most americans know how to do making things and people with this advanced knowledge can pretty much get away with some of the biggest heists in the hater history of the world literally literally bankruptcy is the old cliche goes knowledge is power and gangsters have the knowledge so they also have the power and that's why the
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banks do certain jail and that's why the middle class is turning on each other just like the republicans have planned since most of us just don't understand how wall street's street screwed us it's hard to be all that angry about it let's face it and some expert starts talking about finance we tend to turn up the channel on the other hand when sound loud mouth on t.v. starts talking about debt. most people know what they're talking about as most of us are actually in debt and now they have our attention they tell us who to blame like the overpaid teacher or the socialist community organizer acorn planned parenthood or the woefully and up federal government and skirting below the radar is the banks are immune from prosecution because most of us really don't know what he did and tom donahue confirmed that reality to us all this weekend.
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money basically made fun of and dismissed anyone who didn't know it or if it is these guys live in a bubble as we saw in c.n. b c anchor larry kudlow sublists over the weekend a look at the absentee ballots and back it up about four tenths of a percent all in all the market taking this in stride i mean the human toll here looks to be much worse from the economic toll on we can be grateful for that and the human toll is a tragedy we know that but these markets are see all these markets right stocks commodities oil gold there is no major breakout or breakdown is that. we can be thankful for a disaster the kills tens of thousands of people and brings the nations to its knees because it didn't also affect the bottom line of the bankers. as the same of the permeates across capitol hill forget about the forty million
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americans on food stamps forget about the fifty million people who are uninsured forget that one in five twenty percent of the children our nation live in poverty if wall street's derivative trade is generating big bucks then everything is just peachy this is what an american economy of four and by rich people looks like a massive complicated machine filled with thousands of moving parts and gizmos but only a very elite few know how to work even our elected leaders don't know how it works but they know this machine is generating campaign contributions. so they just go along. i say it's time to throw a regulatory wrench in the years and pop a bubble that's forming as we speak the banks tears in their lap dog politicians live in. an economy is supposed to serve the people now wall street. at some point
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the last thirty years we all lost sight of that it's time to take back control of our economy from the people who run it crazy this started really with the with the religion of martin maggie thatcher one nine hundred seventy eight jimmy carter was even infected with the last two years of his presidency he did the regulator the trucking industry the travel industry reagan came in and put up even more he got regulated the s. and l. industry what happened four years five years later in one thousand nine hundred sixty he s n l exploded and crashed great at least had the good sense to put a thousand bankers in prison it's been nothing but deregulation ever since and it's destroying our country and our economy we've got to do something about it so as the big picture for more information on the stories we covered visit our web site thom hartmann dot com r t dot com and this entire show is available for free i guess and
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i tunes also check out our you tube page you tube. big picture archie and don't forget democracy begins with you when you get out there and get active show up your it will see the. wealthy british style. markets why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy with much stronger or a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to cause a report.


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